Top 10 Super Foods To Include In Your Diet

Laid out below are the Top 10 Super Foods. It is usually the case that most foods would just about handle two or three functions at a time. The super foods, on the other hand, would give a multiplier effect that most people simply cannot ignore them in their diets.

Top 10 Super Foods To Include In Your Diet:


Most people would include onions as a super food simply for its taste. But there is a multitude of good things going for the humble onion. Rich in Quercetin, this is a serious component in building and maintaining cell walls. Onions also raise the levels of good cholesterol and lower blood pressure too. Unnecessary blood clots are prevented as the onions have the ability to thin the blood. Easily at the top of the top 10 super foods, the onions are used in everyday cooking simply for the flavor that it brings about. Most parts of the world are blessed with onions, and the different climate and soil conditions would ensure variety in produce too.

onions are a great source of flavor as well as being a brilliant super food


By increasing the formation of white blood cells, garlic plays an important role in warding off infection. The growth of most bacteria, fungi and yeasts are severely hampered by the systematic use of this wonder food. Fresh garlic helps lower infection at the same time promotes useful cholesterol and lowers blood pressure too. It also adds to the pungent flavor that is needed in condiments and pickles that are so common in the East Indian cultures. Most pickles use a fair share of garlic as it helps keep the preparation free from spoiling for longer periods of time.

garlic is one of the most popular super food


One of the greenest of vegetables, this wonder food is rich in vitamin C and magnesium. Therefore making it a good immunity booster with the added vitamin C helping with producing a naturally occurring antibiotic Interferon. Most convalescing patients in the day of yore were given good amounts of this super food to aid in faster recovery. An entire days’ requirement of the vitamin C can be had with the ingestion of just 50 grams of the vegetable.

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One of the best super foods is broccoli


A common breakfast food that served with milk and at times the added almonds, this is a must have, for a healthy living. Rich with the entire spectrum of proteins being present this super food is what most recovering patients need to have a faster and quicker recovery. The high fiber diet promised by Quinoa also aids with the digestion as well and soothes a troubled digestion. Due to the easy digestion of the product, Quinoa is usually recommended for use by children as well as the geriatric.

Quinoa is one of the top super foods


Kale is a fiber-rich leafy vegetable, that produces health is your wealth feeling. The sheer goodness packed into the green leaves does allow just the bare couple of twigs in a soup or salad. Packed with naturally occurring Lutein, this is known to be keeping the skin Lucent and glowing. Colder climates do have this rare vegetable shipped in from more tropical regions. Really an exotic wonder food that is worth its weight in gold.

be sure to include kale in your daily diet

Wild Salmon:

Filled with mineral oils and cholesterol lowering proteins, the wild salmon is a common man’s health fish. Available right throughout the year in abundance, you needn’t take much trouble in procuring it. Wild salmon has high levels of omega-3-fats that help prevent aging at the same time keeps nerves sharp; this is a wonder food that should be in all palettes of the world. There are a lot of preparations that use wild salmon right throughout the major cultures of the world.

try wild salmon in your diet its a fantastic superfood


The nuts of most available plants and fruits are always a good source of oils and proteins. Most common nuts are available right throughout the year, and there is really no such thing as seasons in procuring nuts. The convenient constituents of nuts help lower cholesterol and improve the quality of skins in most people. The good thing about nuts is its easy portability and minimal need for preservation. There is always a good nut bearing plant or tree in most parts of the world. And most nuts are seasonal and local to the area that produces it.

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nuts are a great source protein and is a superfood


This leafy vegetable is a hardy yet versatile plant that provides one of the cheapest of food items, the spinach plant is truly a super food for the minimal care that it needs. A whole day’s mineral need of a number of vitamins and minerals are provided with just a handful of spinach. Preparation of the spinach into palatable and presentable condiments is easy too, giving forth options that few other leafy vegetable provides.

spinach the super food contains loads of minerals


Easily the prince among fish for the sheer abundance and availability right across the globe and in good numbers too. Most diets would not be complete without a mention of this fish. Filled with great, life giving oils and clean cholesterol free flesh, the sardines can be had anywhere and just about any how.

most diets would not be complete without sardines


In the days of yore, there could be no household without the chicken coop. This meant that fresh eggs were the part and parcel of any household. With the mass production of eggs these days has enabled the humble egg to take on new roles; that of a life giver. Packed with good and useful protein, the eggs is a must in everyday diet. Starting off the day with an egg is the most natural thing to do for most people.

eggs are a great source of protein and are one of the top 10 super foods

Therefore now we can see that these super foods are popular not just in the regions that produce it but right accross the world. This makes the top 10 super foods the most versatile and adapted food material of choice.

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