Top 10 Most Popular Diets Of 2016

With the wide variety of healthy and proven diets to choose from, most people are faced with the problems of choosing the most appropriate diet for them. Some of the top rated diets in 2016 are ranked according to their effectiveness as well as safety in weight loss. Some people also tend to rank these foods based on how nutritious they are as well as their protective role against common illnesses such as diabetes, chronic and heart diseases. After extensive research on the most popular diets in 2016,

Here Is My Top 10 List Of The Most Popular Diets Of 2016.

Paleo Diet

This diet also referred to as caveman diet consists of foods that can be fished, gathered or even hunted. These include foods such as seafood, meat, seeds, nuts, vegetables, herbs, spices as well as eggs. The paleo diet is based on our ancestors eating habits, long before the agricultural development. This means that some foods such as salt, potatoes, dairy, and cereal grains are excluded from the diet. Most people consider this famous diet to be a high-protein and low- carb diet, that can effectively help you lose weight and even reduce the risks of health conditions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.


It encourages more consumption of vegetables and fruits while eating less processed foods.
It promotes weight loss since your calorie intake is reduced.
The diet is easy to follow since you do not need to count your calorie.
It has a high rate of success as it is flexible and easier to stick to.


With the lack of accurate stone age diet records, the diet is mainly based on educated guesses and lack concrete scientific evidence.
It is also considered to be expensive especially when consisting large amounts of meat. This contrasts the popular health concern regard meat consumption.

one of the top diets of 2016 is the paleo diet

Dukan Diet

This high-protein and low-carb diet consist of four phases plan. During the first phase of the plan, you are required to concentrate on a lean protein and low-fat foods such as fat-free dairy, turkey, fish, eggs and chicken for five days. During the next three phases, you are required to gradually introduce carbs, vegetables as well as fruits, with no limit on the time to take in each phase. Also, you should also take regular exercise for the best weight loss results.


It is motivating as it helps to lose weight quick.
It is also considered to be a prescriptive and strict diet, favoring most people who can’t manage their weight loss plan.
The diet can be followed easily and counting calories, or even weight food is not necessary.
During the first few weeks, you are not restricted on what to eat apart from including high-protein, low-salt and low-fat foods.


The first phase of the diet is associated with numerous side effects including tiredness, dry mouth, bad breath, insomnia, nausea as well as dizziness especially due to cutting out carbs. Constipation is also common due to the lack of vegetables, whole grains and fruits.

the dukan diet has proven to be quite popular in 2016

Alkaline Diet

This diet is popular with numerous international celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow, and is mainly based on cutting back on diets with high acidity levels. According to the diet experts, the acids produced by modern diets may lead to weight gain when converted into fats. Too much acid is also associated with numerous health conditions including liver and kidney disorder, osteoporosis and arthritis. The alkaline diet discourages acid producing foods such as refined sugar, meat, caffeine, alcohol, wheat and dairy products. It recommends plenty of vegetables and fruits to maintain healthy acidity levels in the body.


It cuts back on unhealthy foods such as meat, sugars, processed foods and alcohol.
The Alkaline diet also offers a holistic and healthy advice and choices that involve consuming more legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables.
It helps to reduce your calorie intake leading to weight loss.


In addition to being time-consuming especially when choosing what you can and can’t eat, this diet also cuts out on a whole food group, and you will need to find an alternative source of calcium.

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the alkaline diet is pretty popular for this year

New Atkins Diet

This diet claims to help turn the body into an effective fat-burning machine by cutting back on carbs leading to burning of more fat to produce energy. The Atkins diet is nutritionally balanced as it consists of a wide variety of foods effective in rapid weight loss especially in the first phase of the plan. It does not restrict on fat intake, and you are required to take protein-rich diets. Weight loss is gradual during the other three phases, and it’s recommended to combine your diet with regular exercises. During this period you can lose about 2 to 3 lbs while you can lose up to 15 lb in the first phase.


It is motivating as it promises to shed off your weight quickly and efficiently.
This diet helps you to reduce your consumption of most processed foods as well as alcohol.
It is also considered to appeal to most men as it consists of red meat, mayonnaise, butter, cheese and cream


You may experience some mild side effects in the first weeks. These include insomnia, dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, tiredness, constipation and bad breath. Increased consumption of saturated fats may lead to numerous health concerns including heart diseases.

The new atkins diet cuts back on carbs so you can burn more fat

Slimming World Diet

This weight loss plan recommends the replacement of high-fat foods with low-fat foods such as vegetables, lean meat, potatoes, fruits, pasta, fish, eggs and rice. These foods can be consumed in unlimited amounts, and the plan does not involve any calorie counting. The diet does not restrict on any foods, and you can occasionally meet other slimmers for support. The plan also encourages following an exercise program for better weight loss results.


It is family friendly as no foods are restricted, leaving you with a wide variety to choose from.
The plan also provides a booklet to provide essential ideas to keep your activity levels high.
Meeting other slimmers on the same plan is essential as it offers valuable support and motivation.


This weight loss plan offers little information regarding calories which may lead to challenges in the long term when struggling to maintain your weight.

the Slimming world diet recommends the replacement of high-fat foods with low-fat foods. Find out more at

South Beach Diet

Originally, this low-GI diet was designed for heart-related patients in the United States. Basically, the plan encourages you to take two snacks and three meals each day, with no limit on portions or even calorie counting. You should also have an exercise plan, combined with weight loss diet plan consisting of lean meat, poultry, fish, unsaturated fats and low-GI vegetables. The second and third phases introduce low-GI carbs that promote sustainable and gradual weight loss.


Unlike most diets, this weight loss plan involves fewer restrictions on your diet, especially when started from phase two.
The plan also follows the principles of a healthy diet.
All major food groups are included, in addition to plenty of vegetables, fruits and low-GI carbs


Phase one of the plan involves severe dietary restrictions which may lead to body weakness as well as missing out on vital minerals, vitamins and even fiber.
It may also lead to several side effects including constipation, bad breath, insomnia, dizziness, nausea and dry mouth.

the south beach diet involves fewer restrictions on your diet.

Cambridge Diet

This weight loss plan involves purchasing and consuming the various meal-replacement products available in most store. These products promise rapid or quick weight loss; that ranges from about 415 calories a day to over 1000 calories. The success of the plan is mainly based on your weight loss goals. The plan also includes a program designed for long-term weight management. It encourages the consumption of shakes, porridge’s, soups and bars as the main source of your nutrition, combined with regular low-calorie meals. Once you are on the plan, you receive support and advice on your exercises and diet from Cambridge advisers.


Meal replacements ensure that you get a nutritionally balanced diet, with all the necessary minerals and vitamins.
The plan provides rapid and quite dramatic weight loss results.

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During the first phase of the plan, you may experience several mild side effects such as tiredness, constipation, nausea, dry mouth and insomnia due to the lack of fiber and carbs.

another diet that has come on this year 2016 is the cambridge diet. check it out at

WeightWatchers Diet

Solely based on the SmartPoints system, this weight loss diet promotes the consumption of drinks and foods based on fats, carbs, protein as well as fiber. It controls the calorie levels in your diet and does not restrict on the amounts of vegetables and fruits you eat. You receive daily and weekly Smartpoints allowance to be used together with a personal exercise plan. The plan also consists of confidential weigh-ins and weekly meeting designed to provide extra motivation and support.


The plan does not restrict on any food group as long as you follow your points allowance.
It has an easy to follow system with fewer restrictions and no calorie counting.
It comes with a safety net for your points, useful in other occasions when you are allowed a small treat or alcohol.


The program is often considered to be time-consuming especially when working out your points. This is closely similar to the time consumed counting calories.

the weight watchers diet was and still is a popular diet.

Rosemary Conley Diet

The Rosemary’s fitness and weight plan involve a combination of regular exercises with Low-GI and low-fat diet. She provides a variety of recipes and diets that mainly encourage eating low-fat foods except for lean meat, porridge and oily fish. You can also get a collection of videos and tools from her online fitness and weight loss club; that covers advice and support on nutritional, medical and psychological advice, cooking classes as well as all-level exercises. You are also provided with trained coaches for motivation and support, and even educate you on portion size and calorie counting for sustainable weight loss. Besides helping you shed off weight in a couple of weeks, the program is also designed to promote lifestyle change.


The program focuses on reducing fat and educating more on calories.
You are also taught about portion control, by providing portion pots for measuring various foods such as baked beans, pasta, cereal and rice.
The online platform provides exercise videos and tutorials designed for all sizes, ages as well as abilities.


Since some of the low-fat products may contain calories and sugars, they may not be necessarily healthier. In addition, portion control may not be applicable away from home as it would be unrealistic to carry with you the portion pots.

the rosemary conley diet involves regular exercises with Low-GI and low-fat diet.

LighterLife Diet

This weight loss plan aims at combining weekly counseling with a diet consisting of low-calorie meal replacements. It offers two major programs. The LighterLife Total is designed for those with a BMI of over 30 and consists of food packs such as bars, mousses, shakes and soup, and restricting conventional foods. The LighterLife Lite is designed for people with BMI between 25 and 30. This diet involves fewer food packs together with one main meal from a selection of approved foods. Before starting the program, it is recommended that you check your GP as it can lead to rapid or sudden weight loss.


The weekly counseling helps you to understand your relationships with various foods.
The program introduces meal replacements that offer a hassle-free weight loss approach with no measuring or weighing.
The counseling can also help you in making long-term lifestyle changes, essential in keeping and maintaining your weight.


There are a few initial side effects including tiredness, constipation, dry mouth, insomnia and nausea.
You may also feel isolated socially when following a strict diet consisting of only soups, shakes and meal replacements.

Get all your info on the lighterlife diet here at


So that’s the top 10 most popular diets of 2016. If you are going on a diet any time soon research them and choose one that best suits you. You get great diet tips out there and if you don’t want to give up food you love choose a different diet or swap it with something else.

We hope you like this article and stay tuned for more great articles to help you here.

Stay Happy & Healthy 🙂

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