The Best Fat Burning Exercises Exposed

Weight loss has become a routine as the world population continues to get fat. Nevertheless, weight loss continues to be a problem that many people have never got a grasp of. But did you know that fat burning exercises could be the key to healthy weight loss? And not just that, they offer the best channel to holistic body fitness.
But the question that everyone is asking is: what are the best fat burning exercises? If you are one of these people then you could not be nearer to the answer. Here is a collection of tested and proven fat burning exercises that burn fat like a champ.

Here are the best Fat Burning Exercises

1. Skater Jump

This new kind of a jump moves your body sideways as opposed to the more common front-back cycle. It strengthens your hips and burns any fat forming around them. There is no strain coming to your knees and you can do as many as possible. For balance and stability, you can touch the floor with foot’s back making it simpler for the hips to go down as low as you wish them to.

The skater jumps shehs the extra body fat like you wouldn't believe!

2. Box Thruster

Crossfit came with the term thruster and it went viral with fitness enthusiasts. And from that frenzy was born box thruster, which is a combination of overhead press and a squat. MetCon workouts are fond of using this exercise for its potent in exercising the entire body and excellent choice for spiking your heart rate. The best position is doing it in a box or on a bench to help streamline your squat without sacrificing fat burning.

Box thruster is one of the best exercises for burning fat at weightlossaim

3. Battle Rope Wave

Sometimes you wake up stressed and with no energy to go for a workout. You feel like missing your exercise routine. Well, you do not have to. Battle rope wave is the perfect way to keep your fat burning endeavors alive. No need for a warm up as you only need the music and timer on and there you are battling with ropes waves. It is good for your lower body joints and a real fast fat burner.

battle rope wave is a really good fat buster

4. Barbell Muscle Snatch

There is nothing that burns fat like this barbell position. Instead of doing it from the floor, this one requires you to hang with a bar at your knees or shin. Any fat on the back muscles will be gone in thin air. Just a reminder, this one is a bit technical and you may require some help in learning how to hack it.

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Barbell muscle snatch is great for burn that fat you don't need

5. Dumbbell Farmer’s Walk

Walking has been in the top list for healthy weight loss. It is not strenuous yet very efficient when it comes to burning calories. For the long haul, walking should be part of your weight loss program in your entire life. What about adding some weight to that walk? Yes, adding a few pounds of dumbbell weight could be the killer bullet that has been missing for your weight loss to take a flight.

dumbbell farmers walk is an excellent way to shed the body fat

6. Step-up Jump

Your lower body muscles could never get a better calorie burning challenge than with the step-jump. These ones are more hip-oriented than it is with lunges. They have no pressure on your knees but specifically target the hip region resulting into the fastest way to lose fat around there. Given that glutes are the biggest muscles in the body, putting them in shape should be a priority if you want to avoid what has come to be called the “saggy butt syndrome”.

Step-up jumps burns fat fast

7. Goblet Squatting

Squats are true calorie burners. But not just any other kind of squat will guarantee you that. Goblet squats are the perfect and most efficient way to squat for fat burning. The front weight allows your trunk a more straight position and the focus goes onto the thighs. Compared to barbell squats, goblet squatting is far safer and accessible for serious fat loss agenda. All that is required are dumbbells and then you just stand and sit tall. As you do so, you are taxing your shoulders and core taking with them any fat lurking in these least exercised parts.

Everybody love a good squat to burn fat but goblet squat burns even more fat

8. Bear Crawl

Crawling was the first movement skill you learned after birth and before you could walk. Little did you know that this skill would come in handy at a later stage. Now it is time to revisit that childhood skill and make it count for your weight loss. Just like a bear does its crawling, that’s all you have to do for this one. In return you are getting enhanced lunging mechanism and burning any fat around the chest and pelvic regions. To get the best out of these crawls, alternate them with walking lunges and I bet you have never seen a way that deals a blow to fat in lightening speed.

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one of the top fat burning exercise is the bear crawl

9. Blast-off Push-ups

For the entire body press-up, this is the ultimate exercise you can go for. It introduces an entire pushing up circuit in your body reaching deep into all the muscles. Your upper and lower body parts deserve synchronization when it comes to exercise to ensure holistic fitness. This is your best bet in ensuring that hidden fat has not room to hide.

the blast off push ups is a must

10. Walking Lunge

If running has never been your thing, there is no crime in that. In fact many people hate the running part. Walking lunge is the perfect replacement for running except that you will not be sprinting. It only requires you to move from side to side, putting your hips and the entire upper body into half circle arc. Your hips and thighs are given maximum stretch to the sideways leaving no chance for fat to hide. Additionally, this lunges offer benefits to your metabolism so you are killing many birds with one stone.

walking lunge is great for getting fit

Losing body fat has never been easy. You do not need to go to the gym to lose a pound of fat. All you have to do is know the right kinds of fat burning hacks. With the 10 of the best fat burning exercises discussed here, your weight loss program has all you need to take it a notch higher. CHEERS TO NO MORE BODY FAT!

Let Us Know Below What Your Favorite Exercise Out Of Our List Is Below In The Comments, You Will Get A Reply.

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