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Acceptance of the Terms of Use

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All of the content created, designed and developed on this site by weightlossaim (e.g: text, images, codes, illustrations and URLs) and also the arrangement and composition of this content are all protected by the worldwide copyright that belong to WeightLossAim. You are strictly prohibited from using any content or components, whether in whole or in part without any written consent or authorization from WeightLossAim. Therefore you are also prohibited from profiting or selling any content or information you obtain by using this website.

Your Content Contribution

Any contribution or addition that is or may be offensive, obscene, racist, violent, abusive, sexist or discriminatory or contains illegal material or breaches any intellectual properties is strictly prohibited. Any contribution from you must not be in violation of any applicable laws and regulations. Pornographic, pedophilic, hatred, racism, homophobia, violence, war crimes or crimes of any sort is strictly prohibited. It also cannot discriminated a group of people or any one person due to their ethnicity, race, religion. Cyber-bullying, harassment of any sort is forbidden. Your addition must not harm or damage this site and all of it’s features. All of your contribution is of your own responsibility and your word are too.

Network Security and Performance

We here at WeightLossAim do not guarantee the performance or security of the site, despite our best efforts. It is possible hacker or hackers may gain access to the server. It is important that you know this and that you be careful.

PLEASE NOTE! IN NO EVENT will WeightLossAim or its directors, employees or agents be held liable for any computer hackers or any damages or loss that it may cause you.

WeightLossAim may experience the rare outage or programming errors. This may be caused by updates or by events that is out of weightlossaim’s control. Therefore weightlossaim or its directors, employees or agents will not be held liable for difficulties, to browse, accessing the site or using the site. Weightlossaim reserves the right to update, add features or maintain this site at any time they wish, in effect, the site may be temporary unavailable.

 External Links

Weightlossaim or a third party may provide a link on weightlossaim to other sites. Weightlossaim cannot control these other sites and does not guarantee their functionality or availability. We do not endorse nor approve of the contents on allthese sites. Here at Weightlossaim will not be held liable in connection with any such content. Weightlossaim reserves the right to authorize or insert any advertisement we wish on this site. This may result in links to other sites and in no event does weightlossaim approve or is responsible for the products, services, ideas or content on other websites


In no way is weightlossaim liable for any damages. This may include direct or indirect damages or damages that may cause harm to you or any natural or legal person. This can be resulting from opinions, advice, information or recommendations on this site nor from any technology from or used on this site or any human or technical error that may have occurred or may occur. Weightlossaim does not guarantee any traffic to this site.

Parents/guardians or other persons with parental authority is responsible at all time for the health, welfare, safety, supervision and monitoring of a minor or anyone in their care. You are solely responsible for all content you send or upload to this site. Weightlossaim is not responsible for malicious or fraudulent use of its services and this entire site.

The Safety Of Children and Teenagers Using the Internet

We always recommend the supervision of internet use by children, teenagers or any person in your care. It may prevent them from being a victim of crime or harassment or exposed  to offensive content . Supervision is advisable and  recommended  to ensure the safety of children, teenagers and anyone in your care. Your children, teenagers and anyone in your care should always be aware of the risks and dangers of the internet. They should know to not disclose any personal information or identify themselves. We also advise that they disclose any concern to you if they receive any messages that make them uncomfortable.

Changes to Terms of Use

We reserve the right to change, modify or remove any part of our terms of use at any time. It is at our sole discretion and any changes to our Terms of Use will be effective when posted. Use of this website after terms of use is posted and in effective will be, you accepting these terms of use.


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