Top 5 Simple And Easy Workouts During Pregnancy

Why Exercise During Pregnancy & The Benefits

Working out and exercise in pregnancy does a miracle for you and your baby. It builds endurance and strengthens the muscles for the childbirth. Regular exercise during pregnancy promotes strength and muscle tone. Maintain a healthy body in pregnancy reduces the common symptoms like backaches and knee pain and even also shorten your labor time. If you expect to remain fit during your pregnancy, you will need to work your heart and major muscle groups. Fitness during your pregnancy also means you’re going into the delivery room, and recovery room, with a stronger body.

As pregnancy progress and stomach becomes more bloated, change your exercise routine to accommodate the psychological change. You always need to take care with kind of exercise and need to pay attention to techniques. Remember you are doing exercise for you and your baby, not for any competition, so keep it as moderate as possible for you. Won’t let exercise cause undue physical pressure or stress for both of you.

Exercise during pregnancy is not for all such as if you are suffering from any heart diseases, Asthma or Diabetes; it is not advisable to do a workout in pregnancy. Furthermore, if you have medical issues related to pregnancy such as the weak cervix, recurrent miscarriage, and history of premature labor.

Here are the Top 5 Simple And Easy Exercises During Pregnancy


Yoga is the best exercise that a pregnant woman can take part in. But this does not mean to join any yoga class because as your belly gets bigger, some yoga movement will become difficult to perform for you. Therefore it is good to join prenatal yoga classes which are specifically made for pregnant women instead of joining a normal class. The yoga instructors of prenatal classes have relevant experience and knowledge and are trained to provide you right guidance during the pregnancy. During pregnancy, yoga will benefit in relaxing your mind and will also help you mentally as well as physically. After childbirth, you can join postnatal exercises that will help you to reduce the physical stress because of delivering the baby.

yoga is great of when your pregnant


Simple and moderate workouts during those nine months are quite beneficial. Its makes you feel active and better. Regular workouts ensure that the common symptoms of pregnancy like feeing of nausea and morning sickness don’t affect you much. A proper workout regime keeps your body fit and healthy. It also makes things easy for you, especially during your labor pain. However, an unfit body makes you feel quite inactive. It can be a hard experience during the time of labor if you are not fit. However, some workouts must be carried under the supervision of the fitness trainer.

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Definitely make time to include your workouts during pregnancy.


Walking is a very good low impact exercise that will help you get in shape and ready for labor. You don’t have to stress and walk for distances, but the much you do walk, the better your body responds and the more energy you are going to have every day. Take time to look at trees and watch the sky. It can be a very relaxing time when you are walking.

go for a walk during your pregnancy

Butterfly Press

What you do is hold both arms to form a U, sort of what you would see when a football kicker makes a goal and the ref holds up his arms. You will feel like squeezing your chest muscles and move your arms in collectively slowly, and then go back out. Concentrate on making your muscles tight in your chest and back on the way in and on the way out.

The butterfly press is a great arm & chest workout and can be done during pregnancy


Swimming is a great pain reliever when it comes to strained joints, and a stressed out back. So for a pregnant woman, swimming is one of the first options there are for you to exercise and trim up. So to get the exercising going and get a sexier body, swimming 20 to 30 minutes a week will do that well for you. It will also keep you in good shape during pregnancy and help you recover your naturally slimmer body easily. Swimming is recognized as the safest exercise for pregnancy because it does not have major physical resistance expose on the body. It also reduces any stress that comes in being pregnant.

one of the best ways of keeping fit while pregnant is swimming.

Exercises that involve a risk of falling or injury should be avoided. These would comprise activities like bicycling, racket sports or horseback riding, and also skiing. Communicate with your physician before joining any sporting activity during pregnancy. There may be risks in your special case despite of how safe you feel the exercise is.

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Depending on which trimester you are in, you will adjust the level of exercise to accommodate your changing body. You and your doctor will reassess your activities and alter your exercise routine as you move into each trimester of pregnancy. You will also discuss with your doctor the dangers of over-exertion during your exercise routine. Complications such as faintness, dizziness, vaginal bleeding, and premature contractions may occur if you carry your exercise program beyond the level that’s right for you.

Take Note

You may no longer take for granted the same exercise experience you had before you were pregnant. The same rules no longer apply. Your center of gravity is changed, your blood flow is increased, and your body needs to be hydrated is something your pre-pregnant body has never known. As you exercise, you’ll need to remind yourself of these facts and adjust your thinking. Getting thirsty during exercise may seem ordinary, but it can quickly escalate into dehydration in a pregnant woman. The elevated body temperature caused from dehydration may cause harm to yourself and your baby.

Many mothers-to-be find they are uncomfortable exercising outdoors, away from home, or in public, especially during the second and third trimester. Your first concerns should be safety and convenience. Leaving home, walking the sidewalk, driving across town to a gym, all may seem foolish, risky, and just plain inconvenient. Many pregnant women prefer to use exercise videos, expressly designed for pregnancy, to avoid these issues. You can do fun exercise videos, with your doctor’s approval, safely right in your home!

We hoped you enjoy and found this post helpful. If you would like to share your experiences of any exercises that you think are great during pregnancy, then please comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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