Review Of Flat Abs Fast Program

Gosh… these sunny days are quite hot and humid. Being indoors would definitely be a waste of good weather and very uncomfortable. I feel sorry for those people stuck at their offices. What I would like to do instead is go to the beach to get a nice tan. Luckily, I am able to do that. Now lets begin changing your life with the Flat Abs Fast Program.

You might want to do the same but you have one big problem. It’s your belly fat. A lot of women are ashamed of their love handles and are struggling with weight loss. They are afraid of dressing lightly in public and will only wear a bikini in their own backyard.

I was one of them for a while. Not clinically obese or anything like that, but simply carried around a few extra pounds. It would have made life that much easier and more enjoyable.

The Solution to The Problem

Honestly, I didn’t know a lot about diet and exercise back then. So I decided to search the web for a personal trainer. Especially for someone who is a professional belly fat burner, if you will.

I stumbled upon this website of Danette May who is a nutritionist, a full time mom and looks like a fitness model.

She claimed to have found:“the most effective, safe and proven method to burn fat and look 10 pounds leaner in only 10 short days! I really got interested and kept listening to the video. Her diet and workout plan is said to work for all age groups, sexes and levels of physical conditioning.

It was just what I needed and I had nothing to lose so I took the plunge. The plan arrived in my mailbox and I started following the program. I was used to doing boring workouts, such as long hours of cardio and biking, which I despised but her method of training is different. It was actually a lot of fun and despite the fact that I was sweating like crazy I was enjoying myself.

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Immediately I saw some signs of improvement and after a few weeks I had lost all of the extra inches I was struggling with. It was just so fun I continued to train with her and am doing the workouts to this day.

The Flat Abs Fast Program with Danette May Helps You


More Than a Weight Loss Program

To be honest, at first I was very skeptical because of the high promises she said to provide. it can “Increase your energy, get a sexy body and become a belly fat burner!” all sounded too gimmicky. When she said that all of it can be done while eating delicious cookies, ice cream, hamburgers, Mexican food and pancakes I was like: “You have got to be kidding me. Where’s the catch,”right? But there is none.

There are also dozens of positive reviews that can be found on her website. Some of these women were just like me and some were regular and busy people with jobs, kids and lives. These people just came from all walks of life. I don’t have time nor want to spend hours at the gym and would much rather go take a swim in my bikini instead.

Burn Off Your Belly Fat With Flat Abs Fast

They all say how much they love the workouts and devilicious meals, me included. Also, that their constant back pains and muscle aches have disappeared. One of the women said she even lost 20 pounds in just 3 months eating healthy pizza, chocolate chip cookie dough and other things that are considered as junk. There are also men who have lost a tremendous amount of weight. It shows that it works for everyone and like I said ”from all walks of life” as is proclaimed.

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She has spent over 13 years studying fitness and has a Pre-Med degree in addition to several certifications. She is a top nutritionist, one of the best in the industry, that backs her claims with science.

And did I forgot to mention that all of this is FREE? If you don’t believe her then try the program without spending a dime and see for yourself.

The plan includes the DVD, 3 follow along videos with individual workout levels, a 10-day meal plan e-Book and a video about fast meal prepping.

I truly encourage you to try it as it helped me get rid of the fat and get a bikini body. Check out her website.

Flat abs fast dvd by danette may

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