Here’s How To Get Rid Of Your Bingo Wings

Whether you call them ”tuckshop arms,” “bat wings” or bingo wings, they all refer to the same thing: the unattractive and annoying arm jiggle. Bingo wings refer to the flappy arms or loose musculature and skin that hang down whenever you raise your arms above the head. They are common in older women though they also occur in some men.

People with bingo wings usually dread wearing jumpsuits, short-sleeved and strappy tops. To feel healthier and happy to flaunt your arms in all types of summer tops you have fallen in love with and enjoy the fun of a party season dressing, you need to get rid of these pesky upper arm flab.

Though there are no known quick fixes to remove them at the moment, you can still blitz those upsetting bingo wings from your arms. It’s not hard. All you need is to burn extra fat, build your muscle and banish toxin accumulation.

Here are the Top 10 Arm Toning Exercises To Get Rid Of Them Bingo Wings

Go swimming

One of the best-known exercises is swimming. It’s especially beneficial to your arms. Whether its butterfly, backstroke, front crawl or whatever stroke, they are helpful to your arms and shoulders. Go for swimming as many times as you can and do as many of those strokes as you, giving much focus to your arms rather than your legs to power your body.

Swimming is so so good for getting rid of bingo wings

Get on your car’s steering wheel

Many people may not know it, but sitting in the car and making some moves behind the steering wheel is beneficial to your arms. Grip the wheel, squeeze outwards to tone your upper arm, and inwards to work your chest, holding each for approximately 10 – 30 seconds. Repeat these tricks each time you are caught up in traffic snarl-ups – soon they will add up.

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A car steering wheel can be good for an arm workout check it out here at

Drink more water and stay healthy

Targeting and keeping your arms toned and fit is part and parcel of your general lifestyle. It sounds obvious, but cutting down on the intake of calories, especially from sugar and fat, and increasing your intake of proteins and vitamins can make your arms look and feel better.

Too obvious to mention, water is necessary for digestion whereas proper digestion is compulsory for good health. Additionally, water is essential in filling you up. This will help you avoid eating regularly and thus reducing your intake of calories.

make sure you dring loads of water to stay fit & healthy

Start stretching

Bit by bit, stretching is going to melt your bingo wings, not instantly but over time. Five stretches a day can make your muscles leaner and longer. Furthermore, it’s a better way to stay flexible and even reduce stress.

Stretching is an important aspect of life

Flex and Tone

None of us hate easy and simple exercises, some which you can do while your eyes feed on the TV. Try this:

i. Stand with your feet hip-width apart or sit upright

ii. Hold a small water bottle, dumbbell, a filled can or anything with some weight in each of your hands.

iii. Starting with your arms at your sides, flex each arm from the elbow upwards to the shoulder and downwards to your sides. Repeat this severally to tone your arms.

Flexing and toning will also help define you arm muscles

Wear Wrist Weights

Wearing light wrist weights while carrying on with your house chores can help burn fat and tone your arms because your muscles will be subjected to extra work by these weights.

wrist weight is great to gain arm muscles

Image Source:

Go For A Row

If you are in dire need of an exercise equipment to tone your arms, a rowing machine is a better option. It’s cheaper and effective. Alternatively, you can find one at the gym if you don’t feel like owning one.

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rowing is excellent for an arm workout

Get Exfoliating

Sluggish circulation will not benefit your arms, therefore, use a body scrub daily; particularly in the morning and at night. Vigorously, rub it in small circular movements, beginning from your wrists towards the shoulders. It will also give you a flawless skin.

exfoliating is benefical for your body you don't want sluggish arm circulation

Take A Walk

Walking isn’t good for your legs alone, it can also benefit your arms if you swing them as you walk. This way, you burn the extra calories. Walk briskly for about a half an hour to up your heart rate and burn fat. Take a family member, a friend or even your pet dog for company and motivation.

Ensure your arm are going when walking for a good arm workout

Make Use Of Your Body Weight

Press-ups are important in losing fat from your arms. If the traditional version of press-ups (pushing up and down on the floor) is hard, go for the standing up option. Do it as follows:

i.Lean on a wall, stand at arm’s length and legs shoulder-width apart

ii. Try and push yourself from and to the wall several times.

iii. Do it regularly for better results.

pust are a great way to get rid of bingo wings details at

Interestingly, all these are exercises you can from your home. So, try them all and see the magic on your arms.


Hope you enjoyed the article. Be sure to stay tuned for more great information here.

Whats your favorite arm exercise? Comment your answer in the comment section below.

Have a healthy Day! 🙂


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