A Review Of Old School New Body

We all know weight loss is not easy, Well most of us do anyway and it’s not. However with the right program and the correct knowledge it can be easier. This is an introduction to one of the best programs out there that has helped others as well as me. Let’s now get started on the Old School New Body program and some of the key features that are included.

What Is The Old School New Body Program?

If you come into the Old School New Body program with the idea that it is going to be another craze-type, two-hour a day programs that feature twenty-year-old fitness “experts” that expect you to twist your body into pretzel-like figures that nobody can actually do, think again. The title explains itself. The only thing “new” about this program will be the way you feel after trying it yourself. A new body that makes you look and feel at least a decade younger for only 90 minutes a week? That’s right, a week. It sounds too good to be true, right? But this is one of the exceptions.

Old School, New Body’s Steve and Becky Holman have not created some new, unheard of system. They learned the secrets of all the best trainers and put them into a workout that anyone with the right attitude can do. Steve Holman is the Editor-in-Chief of Iron Man Magazine, meaning he’s been exposed to the best and worst fitness plans out there. Their program is not effortless, it’s old school, just like the name. One of the best things about the program is everything makes sense. The Holman’s aren’t giving you some mysterious program or pill that will leave you wondering when results will start to show. With this program, you will start to feel youthful and healthy again practically overnight.

Who is it For?

Being a woman, it would be uncouth to give my exact age, but I can tell you I’m not in my twenties anymore. Or my thirties. That being said, you would never guess that I’m a day over forty. I can say that with confidence now, and it’s all thanks to Old School New Body. It feels as if I turned back time. My youthful glow has returned, and not just on the outside or in my face. My entire body, inside and out is mine again, and with that comes confidence and freedom. I have the radiance of the innocent face of a baby and you really need to have known me from before to actually take my word for it when I tell you my age and all these I owe to this great, ingenuous invention.

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I learned that muscle loss begins to speed up in people over the age of fifty, resulting in rapid aging. This was concerning for me to think about because I don’t want to be fragile end up in someone else’s care in twenty years because I neglected to care for myself. I decided it was time to take action for the sake of my health and well-being.

When my friends tell me they’re having trouble keeping up with their families and children, I feel sorry for their pain, but I thankfully can’t empathize with them. I don’t experience the problems others seem to ignore and blame on “getting old”.

Becky now looks fantastic look at all that weight she losted

Have a look At becky’s amazing before and after pics on F4X 1 & 2. IT REALLY WORKS!

Why Old School New Body

Most people seem to think because they passed their forties or even fifties that they can no longer control what’s happening to them, inside and out. But there is an almost too simple way to stop and even reverse those aging effects on the body: the Old School method.

I started the Old School New Body program at the perfect time, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only time to start. You could even get an early head start in your twenties and be ahead of the pack. Contrarily, there are people who got started on this program in their eighties who have no problems keeping up. That means there are no excuses; anyone can achieve and maintain the body they desire with this amazing program. If you’re tired of seeing those fad diets and pills, those strange, uncomfortable workout crazes, and the programs that seem reasonable, but the only results they give you are an empty wallet (I’ve joined more of these things than I’d like to admit), then it’s the perfect time for you to start using Old School, New Body.

One of the wonderful aspects of the program is that there isn’t a special book for men and women. Everyone gets the same program. To me this meant that the program wasn’t targeting muscle-enhancing for men and fat-burning for women. This is used to create a healthier human body and the goal it has is to return the youthfulness that everyone, men and women, always wish they could get back.

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What is Included?

The main book is a simple user guide called Old School, New Body: The F4X Youth-Enhancing Body Shaping System this is designed for both Men and Women.But Steve and Becky do not stop there. Included with my kit was a Workout Guide, Fat Burning Guide, Muscle Building Guide, Sex, Attraction, Anti-Aging Guide, a Health and Happiness Guide. It’s a deal that you actually won’t find anywhere else. Of course there’s others that promise a “solution” and give you one extremely overpriced guide with “free gifts” included. This kit is a rarity, including six guides, inexpensive price of one, there can’t  be a better deal.

new body old school review


What Exactly is the “F4X Protocol”?

I had the same question. If it’s an old school workout system, why does it have some fancy, intimidating name? Don’t worry. This is a shortened version of the name “Focus4 Exercise Protocol”. Which means the Holman’s designed this special 90 minute per week program around four unique exercises that anyone can do.

One other reason why it’s great is because The F4X Protocol is divided into three phases. The great thing is you don’t have to follow them exactly as they are. The three phases are “Lean”, “Shape”, and “Build”. People who wish to lose weight and then build a bit of muscle only need to complete “Lean”. Then “Shape” to their desired muscle goal. This is the way I followed the program, the same way Becky Holman followed it. If you want more muscle mass than that (up to 20 pounds), you can continue on to the “Build” phase.

I absolutely adore the Old School New Body program and would recommend it to anyone. Especially if I know someone who wants to make a change in their lives and reverse ageing. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to great health by visiting Oldschoolnewbody.com.

Hope you found this review helpful and that you enjoyed it. We will be back with another post shortly.

Stay tuned for more.

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