10 Foods That Are High In Saturated Fat

Most people consume saturated fats on a daily basis with no clue that they are doing so. This matter is because they lack the knowledge on what foods contain saturated fats. They also don’t know the health risks that such foods cause to them. Saturated fat is a type of single bond animal or vegetable fat that tends to increase the cholesterol levels in the human blood. These fats are mostly present in butter, egg yolks, meat and even palm oil. These are foods that we have a taste of every day.

Saturated fats are solid at room temperature hence the said increase in blood cholesterol levels. Imagine a solid substance in a liquid passage in this context your circulatory system, the pathway is bound to be interfered with and even halted at some point. This symbolism shows how bad the saturated fats affect your body exposing you to numerous life-threatening health risks. Some of the life-threatening health hazards include atherosclerosis, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Research has revealed that just a single meal of a high saturated fat food could impair your blood vessel function. This study shows that long-term feeding on these unhealthy fat foods decreases the ability of one’s arteries to dilate and accommodate blood flow. Blood is the most vital body function which if interfered with even for a moment could cost a life. Also, there is the increase in fat storage in one’s abdomen commonly known as ab flab, this biologically poses the risk of diabetes and heart disease and is socially a stigmatizing factor based on poor feeding habits.

Being that food with saturated fats are almost every other thing that we like to eat it would be too hard just to cease the consumption of all of them even if it meant better health for you. It is hard to part with the tasteful pleasures that these saturated fats that these saturated fatty foods have brought to your lives. However, as you gradually make the conscious decision to live a long healthy lifestyle there ways to deal with the temptations that be. For instance eating these saturated fat foods less frequently or in small quantities is a good start towards the transition of not having them at all. Constant exercise is another advisable factor to consider if you happen to slip up from your healthy diet so that you can reduce your cholesterol levels hence decrease the risk it may pose to you.

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Some Ideas To Control The Amount Of Saturated Fat Foods

  • Thoroughly cook your meat or grill it rather than frying it to reduce the fats you consume from it.
  • Shop for low-fat dairy products such as plain yogurt, low-fat cheese or even skimmed milk. These products some people do not even know exist.
  • If you have to feed on meat, then feed on lean meat or skinless poultry which are very low in fat.
  • Trim off the fatty regions on meat before you cook it.

The following are ten of the most saturated fat foods that if possible you should avoid and if not then highly ration your consumption of them. Note that the list is according to the amount of saturated fat for each one hundred grams according to healthaliciousness.com.

Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils contain the most saturated fats that go up to ninety-three grams of saturated fats for every one hundred grams of any of the oils. The hydrogenated oils include the likes of soy oil palm oil and hydrogenated palm oil. The enzymatic activity of these oils has been neutralized during the hydrogenating process which makes them one molecule away from plastic; which makes them harder to a breakdown in a human body system. If they cannot be broken down, they are bound to pile up and cause damage to your body.

Be aware of the saturated fat in hydrogenated oils

Coconut Products

Coconut milk sweetened desiccated coconut, toasted coconut, coconut oil and creamed coconut are some of the food products that are unhealthy to take frequently or in large quantities. The coconut a single fruit is magnificently endowed with the ability to produce close to a dozen food products or more which give it a wider market range to spread its saturated fats. These coconut food products have saturated fats of up to fifty-seven grams to one hundred.

There are saturated fats in coconut products

Animal Fats

Animal fats in this context entail eggs, milk, red meat and poultry, as the kind of food stuff that pose you the risk of adding your cholesterol levels to a lethal level. They contain saturated fats of up to fifty-two grams per one hundred grams. They, however, have certain parts that contain lesser saturated fats than others which you should purpose to know for the sake of good feeding.

Animal Fat contain saturated fats of up to fifty-two grams


Any butter, be it light butter, cocoa butter or whipped butter they are unhealthy foods for you. Going up to fifty-one grams of saturated fat in every one hundred grams of butter makes it a health risk. Commonly used on bread among other food products to enhance taste, baking and even cooking but in doing so, you expose your body to fatal health risks.

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Butter containsba large amount of saturated fat see here at weightlossaim.com


This food just might be the most famous and expensive. But makes it a travesty realizing that you spend a lot purchasing illnesses. Chocolate contains up to thirty-two percent grams per one hundred grams. So you need to check your chocolate intake not just for your teeth but for the heart as well.

We all love chocolate but they contain saturated fat

Fish Oil

Despite the health benefits such as Omega three that fish oil would provide there is still the risk of saturated fats. Fish oils such as cod liver oil menhaden and salmon oil have high saturated fats. This food  goes up to twenty-nine grams of saturated fat for every one hundred grams.

Did you know that fish oils also contain saturated fat


This dairy product is a favorite among many. It is produced in different flavors ranging from Cheshire cheese, Swiss, Colby and even cream cheese. Cheese contains a level of twenty-four grams of saturated fats for each one hundred grams.

Most people absolutely love cheese but do you know it is one of the top food that contains saturated fats


Cream which is undoubtedly a cake’s favorite part for many is a saturated fat health risk. The cream is also a dairy product which explains the saturated fat content. This goes up to twenty-three grams of saturated fats for every one hundred grams.

Cream is a favorite for some but it also have a high amount of saturated fat


Everyone has a favorite type of nuts be it, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, groundnuts, macadamia nuts, walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. All in all these nuts despite their nutrition content contain saturated fats that reach fifteen grams for every hundred grams.

Nuts are of course good for you but it also contains saturated Fat

Processed Meat

This is fresh meat that has gone through the processes of preservation such as salting, canning, drying or even the traditional smoking. Examples of processed meat include pork sausages, bacon, ham, smoked, salted or dried meat and beef jerky just to mention a few. Processed meat is among the foods that pose the highest health risk. Processed meat has saturated fat level of fourteen grams for every one hundred. This is also because of its extreme popularity and high consumption.

Processed Food have the highest health risk as it is highly consumed and with saturate fat weightlossaim.com


Did you know these foods contained a high amount of saturated fat? Let us know in the comment section below. Plus be sure to check out our other articles for more excellent information here.

Have a great day! 🙂

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